Thank you for using Texpert Appliance Repair.

Below is our policy details and warranty details.

  1. We will take all precautions to prevent damages to your floors, cabinets, walls, furniture and all items inside your home and all physical attributes of your home. Major appliances are very heavy yet we will do everything possible to maneuver them carefully. However, if damage is done to any of these things we are not liable for damages or responsible for repairs to any of these.
  2. If you have a Freon leak repair done to refrigeration we give you a 1 year warranty covering all leak related repairs. If the Freon leaks back out when using the stop leak additive then we will credit the charges incurred for the stop leak repair (minus a one time $200 fee) towards the necessary coil replacement or line replacement needed to fix your problem.
  3. For compressor replacements: We use the specified compressor replacement that is rated by the btu's and the voltage required for your refrigerator. We will warranty for 1 year the compressor replaced from the date of installation. The brand name of compressor may differ from the brand originally installed unless otherwise specified on your receipt.
  4. There is a one year warranty on all parts replaced on your machine. This warranty includes labor but is only specific to the part or parts replaced. If your appliance has issues after the repair date we will evaluate the appliance and if the part that was replaced is defective or not working properly for whatever reason we will replace it at no charge. However, if a different part is needed to repair your appliance then you will be expected to pay for that part and the labor to install it.
  5. Gas Stoves/Ovens/cooktops- All gas ranges use ceramic materials to insulate the wiring and electrodes. Our technicians are not responsible for these ceramic pieces cracking or breaking during assembly and disassembly. They do get brittle over time and it is sometimes impossible to take certain assemblies apart without affecting them. Also covers metallic pieces such as spring and clamps that have rusted and fall apart during the same process.
  6. We do not give refunds for repairs done until we have exhausted all our resources to repair it and the decision is left to us as long as the repairs do not exceed the cost of or the value of the appliance.
  7. If we do a repair to your appliance and for whatever reason you continue to have problems we will work expeditiously to repair it. If you have another company or anyone other than Texpert Appliance Repair do repairs to your appliance then we will void your warranty. We will no longer be responsible for repairing your appliance once it is touched by another technician from another service. Having another technician touch, repair, evaluate or do anything to the appliance during the course of our repair is a direct violation of our policy and warrants us to void our contract for service without explanation and with no further service. We will also not be held responsible to monetarily refund the customer for anything done up til this point.
  8. By signing the customer agreement line marked on your job invoice you are agreeing to all of our company terms and policy details. Any amended stipulations of the details must be authorized by the owner and can only be exercised by the owner of Texpert Appliance Repair.

All service agreements made between the customer and our company will be written out on our job invoice paperwork that we dispense to you upon our analysis of your appliance. The agreed services will be written out for the agreed amount and we will articulate verbally the repairs needed also. If you do not see it written on your invoice then it is not a repair that you employed us to do. We are optimistic that no customer is dissatisfied with our work. It is very seldom but there are sometimes miscommunications from the customer to the technician and vice versa. That is why we imply these policy details to make certain that there is absolutely no confusion on our company's intentions.